nice to meet you,

I'm Julie Falcone

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I'm a mom who relies on coffee and faith to get through most days. My husband and I are in deep raising our four children, who are diagnosed with a myriad of neurological disorders. I have spent the last ten years becoming an unofficial teacher, doctor, pharmacist, police officer, bouncer, therapist, scientist, psychiatrist, and insurance agent to advocate for my special needs children. I eat, sleep, and breathe ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, sensory processing disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Trust me, this is NOT what I thought my expertise would be in. I have always wanted to write, but it wasn't until after my special needs parenting journey, that I realized what I was meant to write about. 


Raising three boys with neurological and mental disorders and one neurotypical daughter has turned our lives upside down. We did every therapy under the sun, tried every treatment, spoke to numerous experts and I was still struggling on a daily basis with the day to day tantrums, outbursts, and aggression. We became well versed in the education system and fought to get the kids every service they needed. It took years for us to find what worked specifically for each child. During all of this, I felt alone, ashamed, guilty, unappreciated, and just plain sad. In my heart, I knew other families were dealing with this, but no one ever talked about it. It became my mission to share my story in the hopes that other parents raising special kids would realize they are not alone and we could learn from each other. So, I started airing our dirty laundry and letting it all hang out so others would feel comfortable to do the same.

Bottom line....

I have been where you are. I have felt the isolation and have lost the friends. I have been stung by the judgemental comments and insensitive remarks from others. I have cried all the tears, fearing I was not doing enough to help my children. I have dreamt of running away. I have questioned my marriage, my parenting, my purpose. I have been there and seen it all. You don't have to do this alone. Hell, I won't let you! I can guide you in the never-ending quest of advocating for your family. It would be my pleasure. 

Here I am....still obsessed with all things ADHD, autism, and the like. I am an advocate and consultant to mothers with newly diagnosed kids. I am a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for the Delaware County Family Court System, to ensure that kids in the foster care system are getting their needs met.  

I wrote a book for the "special moms" and our friends and family, titled DEAR LOVED ONES: An Honest Guide To Helping the Special Needs Family You Love.

 My life goal is to help mothers raising children with invisible special needs feel seen and valued.