When your child has a 102 degree fever, you put her in her bed, give her quiet, turn down the lights and let her rest. Your baby is sick. You treat her with kindness, compassion and attend to her needs. You speak to her gently, asking her what you can do for her to make her feel better. Sound about right?

When your child with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety or Sensory Processing cannot regulate his/her emotions and becomes agitated and upset, he is having a “soul fever”. He is struggling with himself as to what or why this is happening to him. He doesn’t know why he is acting out or over reacting to something. He is sick at that moment. But, we don’t usually let them lay in bed with the lights low and rest. We tell them to get up and get themselves together. Sadly, we don’t speak to them with compassion and kindness. Our voice is tight and hard and filled with impatience and contempt. We don’t ask what they need to feel better, but instead ask them, “What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?” 

We need to treat a soul fever like we would a physical fever. 

Our children aren’t the only ones who suffer from soul fever. When adults are exhausted and burning the candle at both ends, we need to stop and evaluate ourselves. We push ourselves so far to be better and do better, that we don’t give ourselves a rest. When we are about to burst with short tempers and get angry at the smallest thing, we have a soul fever. We need to treat ourselves with the kindness we would give to our children. Treat the soul in a way that will fill up, refresh you, and keep you healthy. 

I say this as a reminder to you and most definitely me!

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