And...Sigh of Relief!

The launch of my book, DEAR LOVED ONES: An Honest Guide to Helping the Special Needs Family You Love was a great success! It’s amazing that it is finally published on Amazon and I am officially a published author! I have this wonderful feeling of contentment. It is done!

I started writing this book about two years ago. Writing was the easy part, to be honest. I would cry as I typed the stories of my family’s trials on the computer because those memories took me back to a time that I didn’t think I would ever get through. It was an extremely therapeutic exercise. I wrote it for other mothers AND for myself, really. I am a writer at heart so, again, that was the easy part.

The not-so-easy part was everything that came after that. The revisions…and more revisions. Then, finding and hiring an editor. I assumed I could YouTube what I didn’t know (some people might be able to: not me). After trying to do things myself, I learned that outsourcing wasn’t an option for me (know your strengths and your weaknesses). So, I needed a formatter, a marketing genius (what’s Instagram and Twitter?), a proofreader, a cover designer, an Amazon keyword expert (I didn’t know it was a thing either). Needless to say, I felt I was in way over my head from the second I finished with the writing part of the project. But, we got here!

I can take a huge breath and give a big sigh of relief that it is FINISHED!

The credit for my sigh of relief does not go to me. I can relax and pat myself on the back for a job well done because my family and friends have made me feel like a success. I read all of the comments on Facebook, see all of the shares, likes and reactions to my posts and feel so loved and supported. There is no way I would feel this way if it were not for the over 100 people who have shown up for me. Imagine having one hundred people that you truly care about (and whose opinions matter greatly to you) approving of the project you have put your heart and soul into. What a gift (and relief)!

Thank you, to everyone who took the time and energy to help me, whether it was to read and review my book, to comment on my page, to share on your media outlets, or wish me the best when I saw you! All of it…every single kind thought, word and deed means the world to me.

I am truly blessed and feel like I can conquer the world (AFTER my stomach recovers from the overindulgence of champagne and cake from celebrating last night...I mean.)

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