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Most parents are happy to have another school year under their children’s belts. A parent, with children who have invisible special needs, are OVER THE MOON that we survived another school year. Did my kid make the honor roll? Did he participate in Student Council? Did he join the band? NOT IMPORTANT. 

I learned to make my expectations for certain things more realistic. My child hated school with all that he is, but walked in every day on his own. SUCCESS!

My kid’s anxiety is so high that the thought of getting a bad grade is paralyzing. He purposely got a C on a test(because I made him) and did not break down. SUCCESS! My kid who wouldn’t look adults in the eye, now will look up and talk to his teachers face to face. SUCCESS!  

The end of another school year for a “special mom”, means we survived. We weren’t expecting to even make it this far. I thought I would be home schooling (not well), at this point. We are not looking to thrive, necessarily. We just want to survive. By having more realistic expectations, we celebrate and party A LOT in our house! There is so much more positivity now that we aren’t trying to make our kids something they are not, or don’t want to be. So our SUCCESSES ARE SWEET! 

So, here is to another year in the books!! CONGRATULATIONS, MOTHERS, WE DID IT!

………and kids, you rocked another school year!

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