Anxiety, you suck!


Please leave my child alone. Stop giving her worrying thoughts about monsters, test scores, sports games, friendships, bad people, illness, and the list goes on. 

She is a tiny person who shouldn’t have to think of such things. She should be skipping down the street in pigtails, or riding her bike while singing. She should be playing hopscotch and drawing with chalk on the driveway. 

Anxiety, I am talking to you. Stop taking over my sweetheart’s mind with things that sometimes paralyze her with fear.

 Let her be free to swing on the swings without being scared she might hurt herself. Let her get a B on a test without thinking she is going to fail out of school. Stop taking over her sweet, innocent mind with your scary “what if’s”.

“Mommy, I don’t want to go down the shore. What if I get lost at the beach? Mommy, I don’t want to play outside. What if I get stung by a bee? Mommy, I need to sleep with you because I am afraid to be alone in my room. Daddy, check me for ticks..I passed by a wooded area.”

I am exhausted for her! Her mind races with thoughts of what could go wrong. She doesn’t get to stop and enjoy beautiful moments because she is already thinking about the next thing and how she is going to manage that. 

Anxiety, you suck. 

Pick on someone your own size.

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