Dear Creators of Fortnite, F*** You

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I am one of a trillion mothers who want to kill you, fortnight creators. Just like the characters in your game, I want to shoot you dead. On behalf of mothers everywhere, let me tell you how you have ruined our lives. 

Since fortnite has come into our lives, my son has not left the basement. If I ask him to do anything, ANYTHING, he replies with, “When I die, Mom”. 

-“Come up and do the dishes.”

– “OK, when I die, Mom”. 

-“Come up and take a shower”

-“Sure, when I die, Mom”

-“Jessica Alba is in our living room to meet you”

-“I’ll be up when I die, Mom”

The chores in our home that were done 50% of the time by our child, are now NEVER done. 

The friends they use to actually SEE after school, are now chatting over a headset, so they have zero social skills. 

You have ruined our lives, fortnight creators. So, will you please respond back to us with an apology letter. If not right away, then after you die. Thank you.

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