Is That Nutella in Your Hair?


So, those mothers who wear pearls to the bus stop and whose nails are done perfectly, I appreciate your hard work. You look beautiful and look like you have it all together. Good on you!

I ran to the bus stop this morning in my fuzzy slippers and pj pants, yelling my son’s name while flailing his lunch box in my hand. “You forgot your lunch!!!!”. I throw the lunch in the bus window and feel like a rock star because my throw was spot on! I turn around and see the “pearl ladies”. I wanted to high five them all for my obvious win just then, but their scrunched up faces (at least they would have been scrunched up if they didn’t have botox), made me realize they didn’t believe I deserved a pat on the back this morning. 

One of the “pearl” ladies, asked me in disgust, “Is that Nutella in your hair?”. I immediately put my hand to my head and felt the delicious texture of the hazelnut spread. “Yep”. I turn around and walk with my head down back to my house. I felt like a piece of crap. How could one question make me feel so inferior? For the record, Nutella is awesome and wouldn’t we all love that snack for later? I hated those pearl ladies for making me feel that way, but after I thought about it more, I hated myself for LETTING them make me feel bad about myself. Why do I care what the pearl people say or think of me? They mean nothing to me and they obviously don’t know what it is like to raise children with special needs. So, I have decided, from now on, I will wear my Nutella with pride. A badge of honor, if you will, that boasts my victory of The Battle of Breakfast!

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