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It’s that time of year again….the storm that is the last few weeks of school. You THINK that your child’s last day of school is June 15th. Think again. The last month of school is filled with concerts, awards ceremonies, field days, fun days, field trips, class parties, grade parties, picnic lunches…all things that your child is begging you to attend. And who can say no to that face? Don’t even think those vacation days you had were for the Shore! They are for the many days you need to take off for the last month of school. Teachers, staff, and students are counting down with excitement at the thought of the summer. I am counting down with dread. As a stay at home mom, the hours between 8:30am-3:30pm during the school year are blissful.  I do things all day BY MYSELF. Heaven, I tell you. The summer months, I am not alone for one minute! Me and my four angels are stuck together like glue. At first, it is so great to be together. After that first hour, it is fighting, yelling, kicking, screaming, crying…and that’s just me! The kids are out of control from the start. So, with every event I attend in this last month of school, is a day I am losing my freedom. Goodbye quiet Target runs, easy stops at Wawa for a coffee,  and peaceful grocery shopping. Goodbye, dear friends. I will miss you. Nice knowing you cleani (ish) minivan and errands I can just “pop in” and take care of really quick. Teachers and staff, you deserve this break and I am happy for you! I hope the small gift card and thank you note from my child are enough for you not to hate me when I start a petition for all year round schooling!

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