I have friends who are more like family than some of my blood relatives. When my kids were younger, I would jokingly say, “It takes a village”, while a woman picked up a sock that my toddler threw off in the grocery store. That’s not what I am talking about here. 

My children are older and harder, and life is messier. THIS is when I need my village. Raising four children and getting everyone where they are supposed to be on a Monday night is usually an impossible task. So, I call Jen and she will grab my one from baseball, while Maggie picks up the other one from track. But, it’s not just rides and car pooling. My village does so much more than that. 

These women (and their husbands too), will drop everything if we are in crisis. No questions asked. When one of my ADHD’ers gets out of control and we need to make a stop at the ER, I haven’t even finished asking the question, when one of my friends is at the door to stay and watch the others. 

When one of my angels gets in BIG trouble at school and I am embarrassed (and then upset for being embarrassed), I can talk honestly to these girls and they will let me talk it out without judgements. 

My “village” is not just a help, they are actually the reason my family is still standing. We couldn’t have done this by ourselves. We would have folded by now. It would literally be impossible not to have drowned by this point. 

If you are reading this and don’t have a village, I am VERY worried about you! Find your village. I found mine at my kids’ school. I found others at a mom’s club in my area. Don’t hole up and try to do this by yourself. You will fail. You will be unhappy. Sadly, your entire family will be unhappy. Ask for help. Put up your white flag and surrender to doing it all by yourself. Don’t be a martyr. Find someone to lean on. I am so blessed to have found a group of women that I can trust with my entire heart and soul. And if you still haven’t found anyone, call me. I will happily be a part of your village!

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