Last night, I was telling story after story of my sons' most challenging behaviors to Matt Faler, founder of "The Mindful Inspiration Champion" Podcast, and I was surprised at how easily it is to forget just how bad it really was. "Oh, what about the time my son drank gasoline? That was crazy! How about when he shot himself with the Epipen for no reason at all. Ha Ha." I can joke about it now, but it really was a super hard time for us. As Mom, their violence and anger was directed solely on me (because we are their safe place, blah blah blah). There were lots of tears and then, some more tears.

I bring this up because I have had this sign hanging on my fridge for three years now, and I walked passed it yesterday and thought...I know a lot of women who should have this on their fridge too! I don't know who wrote it.But, if it was on the internet, doesn't that mean that other people are dealing with the same things we are? If you are a Momma dealing with the brunt of your special needs kiddo's emotions, I SEE YOU. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Hang this on your never know he might just read it!

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