Our Therapy Dog Needs a Therapy Dog


My husband and I decided that for our four children (3 with invisible special needs), getting a therapy dog would be a good idea. Therapy dogs are great for helping children learn to have healthy social interaction with other kids (“What is your dog’s name? Her name is Darby”….), and to give children love without asking for anything in return. Our dog can lay on my son when he is in the middle of a tantrum to help calm him down and put needed pressure on him so he can regulate. It’s a very cool thing to watch. To be honest, all dogs are therapy dogs in some capacity. 

Darby is our therapy dog and has been a huge success for our kids. He is actually less therapy dog and more regular dog at this point.

That being said, I think Darby needs her own therapy dog to help her relax after she has spent the day with my family. Darby is “loved” so much by my children that I am surprised she hasn’t run away from us. Remember “Of Mice and Men” when Lenny loves the mouse so much he kills it? Well, it’s not that bad with Darby, but pretty close. I believe Darby needs a dog to lay on her and calm her down after a long day of love from the Falcones. So, if you hear of any breeders who are breeding therapy dogs for therapy dogs, please contact me!

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