Yes, I know. I know, 2020 was a shit show. I don’t want to complain anymore about COVID-19 or politics. I don’t want to mope and pout about wearing masks and lonely holidays. I want to move forward. I want to stop the surface talk and start the real conversations.

How about we get HONEST in 2021? How about we own who we truly are as individuals, parents, children, siblings, employees, and citizens? I am sure this is an odd notion for so many of us…the idea of putting forth our imperfections instead of hiding behind Snapchat filters and ideal Facebook posts. Trust me, I get it. I look SO GOOD with a Snapchat filter! (seriously, legit GOOD)

Hear me out: it is not news that my family is a beautiful chaotic mess. It is not some huge reveal that I am not perfect. But, what about you? Are you still pretending that your family sits around the dinner table reciting Bible verses? Are you still posting only the best pics of you and your children on social media, deleting the ones that aren’t showing your best side or worse, your children acting like a##holes?

In my opinion, 2020 gave us a reset button to realize what is truly important. I spent every waking moment with my husband, 4 children, and 2 dogs. There were no carpool plans to make for sporting events, no baseball tournaments to juggle or basketball practices to run back and forth to. The problems that were always there became magnified and the busy schedules we used to avoid having to be honest about them, were gone. This has been a time to pull the band aid off and look truthfully at who you and your family are. Isn’t that a blessing?

How about we stop trying to pretend and start being honest? Stop being embarrassed that you take anxiety meds for your OCD. Own the fact that your oldest child has anger issues that are throwing you for a loop. Talk openly about seeing a family therapist to keep your family on track. Let’s get real. Truth is, we intellectually know that everyone is imperfect, but there is still a disconnect somewhere because we are still killing ourselves to have the perfect holiday party, the perfect family photo, the perfect home, job, cars, bank account. You name it.

So, by the power vested in me, I am giving you permission to embrace your imperfect life and shout it from the rooftops. In fact, let’s have a contest to find the least perfect family and the winner gets a trophy! What if, instead of giving a thumbs-up emoji or hitting the “like” button on perfect posts, we instead, gave the most accolades to the raw and honest posts. Let’s encourage families to get “real” by getting out of their comfort zones to show you their perfectly imperfect lives? I’m game for that! Wouldn’t that make social media even more fun? Perfect is so f#cking BORING.

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