So…this is my plan….

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

So…this is my plan….


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So…this is my plan…I thought you should know where I am going with this blog situation and what the heck I’m doing these days.

My greatest passion in life is to help other mothers raising children with invisible special needs (adhd, autism, anxiety, depressions, oppositional defiant disorder, sensory processing disorder) feel less alone. The fact that our lives are crazy, shitty, funny, overwhelming, unbelievable and fucked up should make us feel like the norm, not the outcasts. I have been writing a book that is just about done (Thank God!) and it is targeted to the extended family and friends of our special needs’ family. I give them a no holds barred look at what our daily life entails when trying to raise our “special kids”. At the end of each chapter, I address them specifically with detailed ways they can actually help us. They mean well, but can say and do stupid shit sometimes, am I right?

So, this blog is the way to let you all know about my future book. It is also a way to get my name out there because what’s the point of writing a book to help people if nobody knows it’s out there? So, together we will go on this journey of self book publishing. I have never done anything like this before, but have always wanted to be a published writer and since having kids, have wanted to help other moms like myself. So, here we go……………..

I am also working on a website (I mean, this is ridiculous!). It will be Just another way to get my name and book out in the world.

Thanks, Peeps!

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