"Every mom of a special needs kid with an “invisible disability” should read this book because when you do you will laugh, and cry, and laugh again. Julie’s story is your story, and through her insights you will finally have the words you need to help family members understand how to support you best."

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Author

The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, anxiety, and more


Girl with Arms Stretched Out

I feel SO SEEN right now! Having kids with special needs and being a wife and working were hard enough without all the unsolicited advice from family and judgement from friends (and strangers). I love everything about this so much and can’t wait to share with others!


- working mom of 2 boys

An insightful, inspiring and entertaining read. I love how the author provides a raw look into her world raising children with invisible special needs. It is an inspiring read with perfectly timed humor. Loved this book and will be recommending it to my book club!

Mariann B.

- mother of 3 children

Reading at Home

Great read to support families raising children with invisible special needs. As a mother and a teacher, this book hit home on so many levels! It is brutally honest, hilarious, and heart-warming, and is a must-read for anyone who is supporting loved ones with invisible special needs!


- mother & teacher

I just read Dear Loved Ones and found it too be funny, heartfelt, sad, truthful and genuine. Often I read books that I think I will relate to and feel like it is fake and phony - even a little pretentious but this was the exact opposite. I felt like it was totally relatable to people who have different or what the world stereotypes as the difficult child. They are not all the same and it is okay. Julie Falcone did a wonderful job with giving her truth and I felt like I got a lot out of it. Personally, every teacher and doctor should read this. Great insight.


- Dad

Open Book

As a mom of kids with invisible special needs, I wish I had this book to give to my extended family years ago (but they will be getting it as a Christmas gift this year!!) It spells out so much of what I could never vocalize or get across to my family and friends. A quick and easy read, but packs a powerful punch! Well done and thank you for writing this, Julie Falcone!


- mom of invisible special needs kids

As a psychologist, I'm always looking for reading materials I can suggest to caregivers, extended family members, and friends. This book was touching, accessible, and enjoyable.


- mom & psychologist


“Dear Loved Ones...” is an incredibly raw and honest look into the day-to-day struggle of raising children with invisible special needs. Julie offers a refreshing and real voice, one through which she is not afraid to address topics that most women are too self conscious to speak about out loud and desperately want someone else to. As someone (step) parenting a teen with invisible special needs, Julie helped to validate so many of the challenges I am learning that come with this territory. Having read this book, I feel I am a better partner and parental figure because I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the incredible young person I am helping nurture and guide into adulthood. Thank you Julie for your vulnerability and willingness to share such beautiful and intimate details of yourself and your family. Your work will make a difference in the lives of families and friends who love invisible special needs children!


-stepmother to invisible special needs teen